Fo-ti Root - Benefits for the Elderly

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The Fo-ti, also known by the scientific name Polygonum multiflorum, is said to rejuvenate the human body. The Fo-ti root is considered one of China’s most valuable medicinal herbs. This root is as well known as the popular herb ginseng and is commonly used in Chinese traditional medicine. Fo-ti is used as a tonic in combination with other medicinal herbs such as Dong quai with great effect. This herb is also commonly used to treat many old age related problems. The Fo-ti plant is native to China where it is found growing in many areas. Japan and Taiwan also have Fo-ti plants.

How is it Used?

The root of the plant is the main component that is used in medicine. Chinese medicine practitioners choose the roots with great care as the age of the root has special significance to its medicinal properties and efficacy. They believe that the older the root the greater its beneficial effects. The unprocessed root may be used y some practitioners. This is called white Fo-ti. The root is processed by boiling it in a special mixture. When this processing takes place, the medicinal effects of the Fo-ti root are believed to be greatly enhanced. The processed version of the root is known as red Fo-ti.

What are its Benefits?

Fo-ti is believed to increase the longevity of the person taking it. The ancient Chinese are believed to have lived for many years because of their regular intake of Fo-ti infusion. The herb is also said to be effective in curing infertility and impotence. In addition, this herb is found effective in treating several kinds of infections diseases.

Fo-ti for the Elderly

The presence of glycosides in this herb helps in rectifying digestive disorders and promoting proper digestion of food in the human body. Elderly people often suffer from problems such as flatulence and constipation that arises from impaired digestive processes. The intake of Fo-ti relieves these problems quite effectively. In fact, even the unprocessed root of the Fo-ti plant has a laxative effect on the body, offering a safe remedy for older people who suffer from constipation.

For those who have been diagnosed with cardio vascular ailments, Fo-ti is a good herbal medicine with no known side effects. This herb brings down cholesterol levels and also has some cardiovascular effect. Research has shown that Fo-ti is very helpful for people who have arteriosclerosis or whose arteries have hardened.

In addition, Fo-ti enhances the formation of red blood cells in the body and boosts immunity against common infections and ailments. These properties make this root especially useful for treating elderly people whose immune systems are weakened by age. The anti bacterial action of this root is also helpful.

Fo-ti is considered a herb that can prevent premature aging and restore health and agility to the elderly. The Chinese believe that Fo-ti can get rid of greying hair and other outward signs of ageing, too. In today’s world, this root has found widespread use as an anti aging tonic in the Western world too.

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Fo-ti Root - Benefits for the Elderly

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This article was published on 2011/03/21